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2016 GOAL

In 2016 my goal is to have a daily habit of making work (art) so that I can keep opening the door that writer Julia Cameron is speaking about in her daily meditation book “The Artist Way Every Day – a Year for Creative Living“. In today’s meditation she describes very well what happens when I paint or write. I just get started with a concept… which sometimes I have to dig or rummage around for with either someone’s story (which is what I do with the Art of Fearlessly Doing Business project) or something that is happening in the world or in my heart. Then, I free my mind of clutter (which sometimes takes some or quite a bit of doing and quiet). Then, honestly miraculously as Cameron describes, with time they make and write themselves. After a burst of creative dare I say spiritual energy, the words flow the images emerge and poof there “it” is.

If your looking for a more scientific approach to this concept take a peak at an article that my new friend Justin Germain owner of ArtistServ recently posted from the HuffPost “Why so Many Artists are Highly Sensitive People” by Carolyn Gregorie, which highlights the ideas put forth in her and Scott Barry Kaufman’s book “Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind“. The article describes (in my opinion and experience) the creative personality very well. For non-creatives the article might be educational. For us who create, the article describes or extroverted/introverted tendencies with some quantifiable data to back it up which for me is always an “ah ha!” relief. 


So this years goal is 100 panels. I will be writing about my process in my blog and posting on social media regularly and telling you about my process. See my Social Media URL’s below. If you are not linked to me yet please do!

In 2016 I will be focusing on 2 major projects:

1.) The Art of Fearlessly Doing Business  – Opening in Late May 2016

This project highlights thirteen unique and fearless business leaders from the Valley of the Sun. I capture the spirit, motivation and lessons learned of each subject across fourteen distinctive panels. 20% of the sale of the art will be donated to The Arizona Consortium of the Arts.  Each Illustration is accompanied by a blog post that notes what we all might learn from this leader about being fearless and the YouTube Video of the fearless interview with the business leader.

Nominations Being Accepted:  I begin leader interviews in January for the 2016 Show. If you know a Fearless Leader who you feel would love to be part of this unique experience email me at: michelle@FearlesslyDeliver.com. Feel free to nominate yourself!

2.) FEARLESS ART – 100 Panels – Opening in November 2016

This project highlights useful motivational/inspirational business & prosperity concepts in a blog post with 2 illustrations.  86 of the 100 panels and any remaining art left from the Dec 2015 and May 2016 Art of Fearlessly Doing Business shows will be shown in November potentially at my studio as part of The Hidden in the Hills Sonoran Arts League Studio Tour (application to be submitted) or possibly at another location TBA.

I MEAN BUSINESS (pun intended)!

I am no longer waiting to make art or to get anyone’s approval or emotional support to make it! I am fearlessly, publicly and tenaciously making it AND planning in advance to both show and sell it. I have lost close to 30 (not a typo) people, most of which passed far to soon, over the past 2 years. They have taught me on a deeper level something very very important. Suddenly there may be no tomorrow. On the day my brother left the planet on Sept., 13, 1984 when I was 16 I started to know the idea of NOW…. The gift of the last 2 years of grief is that I really really know it and I’m acting on that knowing and that knowing is: THE TIME IS NOW.

Today’s post is dedicated to my great friend and writer Crow who passed yesterday at 10:10am far to soon from Leukemia.

Happy Happy New Year Everyone!


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