About Fearlessly Deliver

Fearlessly Deliver is the result of one creative entrepreneurs desire to help business owners like her self  THRIVE and to CONNECT Art + Business + Community.

In 2013 founder Michelle Micalizzi knew that it was time to start yet another business of her own that allowed her to offer all of her skills and talents to business owners and the community. She sat down in front of a huge white board and started to brain storm.  At the end of that brainstorm Fearlessly Deliver was formed.

Micalizzi is kind of a unique cat in the case that she has an equally balanced left and right brain and her skill sets in both areas are wide, deep and qualified by a top notch education as well as a lifetime of experience.

As a business woman, Micalizzi is in many respects an “entrepreneurs entrepreneur” because she has spent a life time in and around business. She is mesmerized by the entrepreneurial spirit both from within herself and in others. She knows first hand that being an entrepreneur is not for wimps or chickens. She also knows from the American Dream’s front line that what many entrepreneurs truly need is a trusted self-started who is ready, willing and able to get into the trenches with them to either manage a time limited project, take on an interim leadership role or agressively help them to take their business to the next level. Micalizzi cares as much about the businesses she serves as she does her own because her business is helping others to THRIVE.

As a social practice artist, Micalizzi is compelled to tell the story of entrepreneurism through visual journalism using words, painting and video.  Initially the Fearless Art Projects were created as an out of the box way to build relationships with other business owners by shouting their truth and good news from the rooftops and creating an out of the box way to network and build a strong a social media presence.  This initial purpose is still what drives the Fearless Art Projects.  However, the Fearless Art Projects over the years have taken on a quite strong business and philanthropic life of their own.



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