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David and I met a few years ago when I was opening my former gallery, Fearless Art Works.  I vividly recall the moment I met him at my Spanish Village location, which is always what happens when I meet people I know are going to come into my life and stay for the long haul. We recognized a fellow hard worker in one another and became fast friends. I’ve hired David’s company to do a few projects for my business and when I was in a pinch last year, he and his team helped me to complete my master bathroom so I could have the best home inspection possible.

It is not often we meet people like that who are willing to help you, no questions asked, when you are in immediate need. David is on my short list not only for how much he has helped me over the years but for who he is as a human being. He is an avid hunter and has been a long-time resident of Cave Creek whose laughter is welcomingly contagious.

David has been in the home building business for more than thirty-five years.  He has built many homes from the ground up, including two of his own. His home in Cave Creek is just wonderful; a hospitable space where I could sit on his porch all day long, every day!


1. Love Seeing the Finished Product

David is the kind of man who likes to see a finished product to know that the job is done and that it is done well.  I can relate. I love to check the boxes off a list and look back at a painting and know I am done, truly done!

2. There is Never a Right Time

Just like I have heard it said that there is never a right time to have a baby. There is also never a right time to start a business.  You just have to jump in with both feet and figure it out on your own unique journey!

3. Choose you Company Wisely

Like so many small business owners, David had a bad business partner.  We learn painful lessons from bad partners that end up being gifts for a life time if you are lucky enough to learn those lessons when you are young and can take the hit.

4. Forget the Small Stuff

David does not recall the stuff that made him angry for very long. He has a magic memory that eliminates all stored negativity so that only the positive remains. He is too busy moving and shaking onto new things to spend too much time looking behind him.

5. Do Work that Makes You Happy

Bottom line – you can walk through anything if you are doing work that makes you happy.  If you are not happy then you have to change something because life is too short (or long) to be miserable. Do not take on work that you have to survive through. Take on work that makes you sing in the car as you drive there every morning!

Thank you so much David for being in my life, for bending over backwards to help me finish my master bathroom when I was in a pinch, and for taking the time out to be one of the Fearless 7! 


David built himself the most amazing home with the most amazing view.  When I went for to his home for his interview last week and I walked into his kitchen – I could see and feel that something dramatic had changed for him. His home was always wonderful but now it had that extra touch that only love can add.  As I thought of what I could paint for this man who means so much for me.  I was nervous momentarily.  Then I realized the painting had to be about celebrating the love that David is feeling right now in his life. As we sat on his porch and ate steak with his girlfriend I knew the view on the inside was far more gorgeous then the amazing view outside of David’s beautiful home. Red is the universal color of love and the piece is has influenced by my home state Vermont Folk art roots.



AoFDB IV – The Gratitude Series

Carstens Fine Art Gallery

November 15, 2018

6-9 PM

7077 Main St., #5
Scottsdale, AZ 85251


CHARITY:  The Phoenix Art Museum

In this gratitude series, the paintings are gifts to the featured business owners
and the sketches are for sale to the public and online at the 
Fearless Art Works eGallery.  

Two pieces of the original six works will be gifted to Fearless Alliance Fitness Team member, Optavia Health Coach Stacy Phillips

Both the original work and all six sketches  from this series will be on view for the opening.

25% of the proceeds from the sketches & 10% of profit
from print, retail & illustrated book sales
will benefit the  Phoenix Art Museum.


Entrepreneurs and inspiring stories of all kinds are FEARLESSLY DELIVER’s muse and focus.  As an artist, a business woman and a visual journalist Michelle Micalizzi paints with a purpose. The FEARLESS ART PROJECTS are collaborative social practice art engagements that connect art + business + community.

THE ART OF FEARLESSLY DOING BUSINESS (AoFDB) is an unprecedented and unique social practice project that celebrates the fearless entrepreneurial spirit by highlighting the stories of unique and fearless business leaders.Ten percent of all retails sales are donated to an art or business related charity every. 

AoFDB IV features seven fearless entrepreneurs that have gone over and beyond their call of duty partnering with me on past four fearless art projects in one form or another.  

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