September 4, 2018

Fashion Team

Fearlessly Deliver inspires women of all shapes & sizes to celebrate their inner fashionista by developing, promoting and collaborating with Phoenix fashion businesses.


Tricee Thomas – Tricee Thomas Style Agency | The Garment League | On Central
Tricee Thomas Style Agency provides fashion design, professional wardrobe styling and fashion services. Thomas a former model and Fashion Institute of Technology graduate also founded The Garment League, a nonprofit foundation that produces the On Central Downtown Phoenix Fashion & Art Weekend. The Garment League is on a mission to revitalize the Fashion and Art scene for Downtown Phoenix. On Central showcases Phoenix’s most talented fashion designers, artists and trendsetters.

Pamela Griffiths – Salon Four8Zero
Pamela Griffiths is an up and coming hairstylist at Salon four8zero, an artistic hair loft. Griffiths specializes in color and blondes, as well as updos and styling. Her passion is hair and it shows in everything she creates.  | Instagram: | Facebook: @BadAssBeauty

Clarisse RingwaldClarisse Color Creations
Clarisse Color Creations is an Arizona-based, image and personal color consulting business which Aligns Color, Restores Image and Creates Style. Clarisse Ringwald is licensed and certified holding the distinction of Fashion Feng Shui Master. Working with women and men, Clarisse delivers amazing results to command a presence upon entering a room!

Warren ChuPlanet Chu | Oscillation Station
Planet Chu celebrates the photography and video art of artist Warren Chu. Oscillation Station assists businesses with all aspects of digital marketing strategy and web services.



The Art of Fearlessly Doing Business V – Fearlessly in Fashion 


Women owned business creates Fearless Alliance linking fashion, health and community.

Fearlessly Deliver, a business consulting firm that focuses on helping on-fire businesses to creatively grow, is innovatively collaborating with the formation of the Fearless Alliance. The Fearless Alliance is a collective of focused like-minded out of the box thinking professionals that are committed to dynamically grow their businesses together in four key categories; health and wellness, fashion, finance, and productivity. Inspired by a personal photoshoot that founder Michelle Micalizzi promised herself to complete before the end of her 50th year; the fashion team, and health and wellness teams are collaborating this fall to champion fashion, health, and community. Micalizzi, an edgy biker chic, hot yoga zealot and fitness fanatic believes that age is just a number. She defiantly exclaims from five inch heals that, “THIS is what 50 looks like!”

As a multifaceted business growth expert, Micalizzi has brought together a fashion team currently comprising of Tricee Thomas of the Tricee Thomas Style Agency; Clarisse Ringwald of Clarisse Color Creations; Pamela Griffiths of Salon Four8Zero; and Warren Chu of Planet Chu and Oscillation Station. Ringwald is excited to be “collaborating with other exciting Fearless professionals.” She adds, “The Fearless Alliance is a new approach in providing a fashion business solution commanding success!” Griffiths adds, “Collaboration is a beautiful thing. Helping each other be successful! This is how all aspects of life should be. Building each other up and supporting each other. It just works, and there’s great fulfillment in it.”

Micalizzi and Thomas have begun to collaborate on two high profile Phoenix projects with a potential third event in Glendale. As a member of Fearless Alliance, Thomas has been invited to dress twelve female U.S. veterans for the first runway pass during Camo to Couture, presented by Country Cures & Honeywell on Saturday, November 3rd from 5 to 10PM at the Honeywell Hanger at 3301 E Air Ln, Phoenix, AZ. The second pass of the runway will feature twelve dress designs from various talented artists. Micalizzi has been invited, as an artist, to design Veteran Lisa’s dress with assistance from Thomas. Country Cures® is a 501(c)(3) charity that conducts transition training for female veterans. Using country music, this training staves off rising homelessness, domestic violence, and suicide among our SHEroes. Country Cures® was founded by nationally renowned educator, author, and media personality, Dr. Gilda Carole.

The Fitness Team lineup is currently comprised of Stacy Phillips an Independent Optavia Health Coach; Ashlea Fowler owner of Sumits Yoga Grayhawk; and Micalizzi who is also a certified health coach, personal trainer and registered yoga teacher. Micalizzi is currently interviewing gyms to add to the roster. Individuals looking to jump start their commitment to fitness can meet Micalizzi to go hiking, practice hot yoga, workout, or try something new. Additionally, Fearlessly Deliver will be hosting a quarterly social meet up where attendees can just relax and get to know one another better. Meet ups are free of charge and the schedule is available at

Secondly, Fearlessly Deliver’s, fifth Art of Fearlessly Doing Business series will focus on the fashion industry with the launch of the new Fearlessly in Fashion line at On Central, hosted at City Scape at 1 E Washington St., Phoenix, AZ on March, 16 2019 during ArtLink’s Art Detour in Phoenix. The Fearless Art Projects are collaborative social practice art engagements that connect art, business and community. Micalizzi uses her ability as a visual journalist and artist as a vehicle to educate, collaborate and strategically build relationships and brand. The Art of Fearlessly Doing Business project celebrates the fearless entrepreneurial spirit by highlighting unique and fearless business leaders.

In 2019 Micalizzi will be collaborating with Thomas to bring thirteen inspired pieces to life on in the three-dimensional of fashion as opposed to the two dimensions of a canvas. Some of the line will tastefully focus on cross-convertible designs that can be worn interchangeably as yoga/fitness attire, business casual, or biker apparel. Links to the muse’s fearless stories and paintings will be included on the label of each garment and can be found on

Former featured female entrepreneur muses for this project are listed below. Micalizzi will derive renewed inspiration for herself to create a three-dimensional version of the two-dimensional pieces already created for these fearless entrepreneurs in years past. Female entrepreneurs who would like to be considered for the thirteenth and final muse spot should email for consideration.

Featured Fearless Entrepreneurs:

1. Jackie Wszalek, Splash Printing

2. Danielle Feroleto, Small Giants

3. Najla Kayyem, Kayyem Marketing & Pacific Retail

4. Deborah Bateman, Risk Blossoming & National Bank of AZ

5. Tyler Butler, 11Eleven Consulting,

6. Lynn Moran, Arizona Coaching & Consulting Center

7. Gelie Alkenblit, Networking Phoenix

8. Heidi Jannenga, WebPT

9. Chevy Humphrey, The Arizona Science Center

10. Amy Armstrong, Support My Club

11. Elena Thornton, AZ Consortium of the Arts & Photos by Elena & Jim

12. Kay McDonald, Charity Charms (Pending)

13. TBD (Pending)

Classic to Micalizzi’s style, she is documenting the creation process for this series in real time as we speak on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and on the Fearless Blog. Micalizzi will also be adding radio and podcast communications. Ten Percent of profit from all sales will benefit the Phoenix Art Museum and the Garment League.

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