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This week’s entrepreneurial trait is passion, which has been on my mind for days. How does one communicate passion for what we do for a living? I guess the first point of reference has to be myself. What am I passionate about?

DadUncleNickI am passionate about true entrepreneurs. I really adore them. There is nothing better for me than listening to BIG-dream energy and to see the light in a real entrepreneurs eyes. I know this fascination of mine comes from being the daughter and God daughter/niece of two very driven and passionate Italian American entrepreneurs. My favorite memories as a kid are not playground memories. Honestly, my very favorite memories are of sitting cross-legged on the floor listening to those two amazing men dream together. I cannot resist including an image of my Father and Uncle sitting hip-to-hip dreaming together, at the ages of 80 and 81, a few Christmases ago.

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” – Guy Kawasaki

What I am really passionate about is taking the weight off of other passionate entrepreneurs. The price that comes with being a serial entrepreneur is high stress, a 24/7 work week, and dealing with the overwhelming odds that one person or a small team cannot get it all done. I derive great satisfaction in hearing my clients audibly exhale when they know they can trust someone to get this one thing done that will exponentially change their business for the better; or clean up a mess that has cost them a fortune in time, money and emotion; or help them prepare to transition out of their business when the time comes to sell their potentially biggest asset. Truly helping people get to the next level by implementing projects (not just talking about what needs to be done), is what gives me happiness- whatever that work might be! That sigh of relief I hear from my clients…. That is what drives me. I not only have to help them get the work done. I also must write and paint about it, them, and us. I am obsessed with the entrepreneurial spirit not only within myself but in others.

So passion… Yes, I love the light in their eyes and the spring in their step. Entrepreneurial business owners have that. We also have been known to hit real lows. Not every entrepreneur wakes up with that spring in his or her step. Risk is by definition, risky! It can be disconcerting, and sometimes it’s downright uncomfortable. Sometimes it is just HELL. What makes an entrepreneur truly different then the 9-5er? The ability for their passion for what they do to walk them off the ledge of uncertainty again and again.

To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work.
 ~ Sister Mary Lauretta

Having a passion for your business is certainly a love affair. Love can get boring when it slips into the mundane, or the predictability of everyday life. For entrepreneurs that phenomenon is called a J-O-B. Entrepreneurs are mavericks, passion junkies, and hopeless romantics. We love the thrill of the chase and the audacity of defying the odds. We adore the excited racing heart of possibility. We can’t help ourselves because passion is truly what drives us. The passion for making our own unique mark on the world and achieving financial independence our own way out weighs all the stomach flip flops and cringing, “Holy s%*t how will I survive THIS?” moments. In spite of the sometimes exasperating rollercoaster ride of being self-made people, the big wins keep us coming back for more.  Some of us have even learned to toss our hands over our heads and scream wildly during the down times! We simply can’t help ourselves!   We are passionate by nature!

Illustration’s Story:  

I love an image that is the suggestion of a something, the short hand of an idea the shadow of a concept. This idea is the tossing of your hands over your head on the roller coaster ride of  the life of being a self driven entreprenuer.  The details are not important to me – the idea is.  True Entrepreneurs do toss their hands up and scream wildly when the shit hits the fan! We make the down times fun somehow! The reason there is just one person in the painting is because, in spite of the people around you, when you are a dreamer and a serial entrepreneur the ride(s) your heart must take really is an inside job. We have company in our endeavors but at the end of the day we ultimately are the ones who drive ourselves. No one else can force us to take the ride – we have to really want the journey.

It is like getting tattooed. The Tattoo Artist is there working on you. You may have moral support there with you but ultimately when that needle hits your skin it is you who has to sit still and tolerate the pain. A Stupid question asked often by the non-tattooed:  “Did that hurt?” I always look at them like they have 8 heads when they say that and as politely as I can ask, “What do you think?” In my mind I think “What a stupid question!”   I am about to be tattooed again so this idea is very much on my mind. I have to be prepared for the reality of being tatted again.  No one can prepare me but me. The only reason I can tolerate the pain is because I truly feel passionately about the mark being made on my body and what it stands for. It will be there for life!  It is the same thing with being in business – only you can make yourself tolerate the pain of what being self employed is. You sure as hell better believe in yourself and be passionate about your business!  Rarely will people ask you if building your business “hurt”.  Those of us who have insisted on being self made people know it hurts like hell. Passion has to be there to be able to tolerate that pain!  It is just a fact.

The most valuable thing you will ever give is your time.  You can never get it back.  Time lost is more permanent then a tattoo – lost time is truly forever! Don’t waste your time being luke warm for life – find out what makes you passionate and hang on for the ride!

Michelle Micalizzi is a Business Executor & Visual Journalist, Her company Fearlessly Deliver, LLC helps business owners to execute projects so that they can FEAR LESS & DO MORE! Michelle uses her ability as a Visual Journalist to tell the story of Entrepreneurship. | 480.526.2609 | michelle@fearlesslydeliver.com 

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