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“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to always try just one more time.” ~ Thomas Edison.

Jim Pfingst, owner of Scottsdale Technology Solutions, was one of my first clients. Jim unexpectedly passed away on February 4, 2016. One of Jim’s favorite celebrated people was Thomas Edison as reflected by the last post I created for him on Facebook, which was a light bulb with the above quote by Thomas Edison. There is no way for this blog and this painting not to be influenced by my love for Jim and how deeply his death has affected me. To me this quote spoke right to my soul because like all entrepreneurs and artists, every day we all have to recommit to the dream. I had already written the blog for the first painting in the 2016 Art of Fearlessly Doing Business series but felt I had to rewrite it and tell you about what Jim taught me.

Let me start by saying that Jim was one of the very best men I ever met. He was a devout Catholic and a real man of God. He was kind to his core. He was a truly funny man with a fantastic sense of humor and an ever present state of wonder. He was a great musician and even better husband, father and grandfather. To me, he was a true friend and a gentleman.

Jim gave me such a gift. The project I did with Jim made me realize that without a doubt my business, Fearlessly Deliver, is needed and relevant. Jim wanted to take his business to the next level but like so many busy entrepreneurs, there weren’t enough hours in the day to complete his To Do list. Jim worked with his business coach Troy Henson of EVOC Excellence to generate that list of action items. Troy is excellent at helping his clients to know what the right things are to do at the right time in their businesses. Jim agreed that all the things on his list were accurate and it was finally the right time because he could delegate the tasks to me. He hired me to execute the projects for him and with him. We sat down at his kitchen table and identified what his pain points were and what opportunities for growth existed so that we were able to develop a large project plan. I was proud of Jim when he committed to the plan. It was a chunky plan so I was a bit surprised he took it all on. He was ready and I dug that about him!

There were many late nights over the following eight weeks that I worked with Jim that we texted back and forth getting the To Do’s checked off his list. He was excited and followed through on his action items. He was so relieved to have me shoulder to shoulder with him plowing through these tasks that had been on his list for two years. He would even dedicate songs to me as he DJ-ed his online radio show while I worked.

The joy I felt as I watched that fog lift for Jim was immense for me. I know what that fog feels like when you are a one-man shop. It is the fog of being overwhelmed and having not enough hours in the day. Ultimately, Jim gave me so much more than I gave him in that project. He confirmed for me that this wacky idea I had about helping business owners to fear less and do more was REAL. I will be forever grateful to him for that knowledge. As my business grows and I help more clients to lift that fog, I will tell them all to say a little prayer to Mr. Jim Pfingst because he is the reason I continue to move forward to help others. The Thomas Edison quote we chose for his post was Jim speaking directly to me from heaven as I started the second Art of Fearlessly Doing Business project during a time of tremendous personal change. It is what he would have said to me if he were here. How could I have known that quote would speak to me when I chose it a year ago?

In my BNI meeting, Jim always stood up and just gave me the most raving reviews. It was almost embarrassing. I so appreciated that! Nothing made me happier than to get a text from him saying the projects we did together were generating revenue for him. The project paid for itself! Now how cool is that? It was such a pleasure to watch Jim’s business flourish from the work we did together. It was a joy to sit beside him at the Press Publish conference and watch his eyes light up with possibility. We would text one another and be so excited about what was next for him. To see him get out of his own way and start to blog on his WordPress site like a rock star made me so happy.

Jim came to the first Art of Fearlessly Doing Business show at the {9} Gallery in Phoenix last December. He stayed for a long time and gave me the kind of support that only a man of his caliber could give. Being a musician, he understood that the show was a true act of bravery for me. He understood that I was practicing what I preach by fearlessly painting again. I will forever be grateful for the way Jim looked at me that night. He looked into my eyes with a knowing that artists have for one another when they realize that another has done one of the big To Do’s. He knew. The hug I got from him that night was wonderful beyond measure.

Last week I got to stand beside his open casket and hold his grieving wife. She said to me, – “Michelle, we are going to need your help.” Now there is a job description I never thought of or wanted to have – helping a grieving wife close up her husband’s business affairs so that she can go on. I knew that when I started this business I would become part of something much bigger but, there are no words to describe how honored I feel that Rose and her girls feel they can reach out to me for help.  Even from the grave he is confirming that I am fulfilling God’s assignment for me by growing my business. For me there is no separation between business and love. Jim’s business supported his family. I can think of no greater service than helping an entrepreneur like Jim to fulfill his obligations as a man, a husband, a father and a grandfather. I cannot think of a greater honor than helping his family at this time of intense grief.

You see, this is why I Fearlessly Deliver. This is the reason for the Art of Fearlessly Doing Business Project – to connect, to be of service, to be part of something bigger than myself.

God rest your soul my dear sweet friend. You will always be one of my biggest fans and I will always be one of yours. I will miss you forever.

Note from the Artist:


I used a picture of a light bulb in the Thomas Edison post. For me, the light bulb is the universal symbol of an entrepreneur. Jim was definitely an entrepreneur. He was famous for his aviator sunglasses and he always wore a gold cross around his neck. Jim and I shared a very strong faith and God was always part of our conversations. I included musical notes for his music and the background represents his tech experience. The peace sign is obvious!


Work was shown from May 14 – June 9, 2016 at the Walter Art Gallery in  Scottsdale, Arizona.

Thank you to our 2016 Partners:  Peg Quinn | The Arizona Consortium of the Arts | Photos by Elena & Jim

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