DON’T QUIT TILL THE JOB GETS DONE: Mark Herding, Camelback Wealth Consultants



(Illustrations by Michelle Neal. All Rights Reserved)

My muse this week is Mark Herding. Mark is a Certified Financial Planner and the owner of Camelback Wealth Consultants. His broker dealer is Cambridge Investment Research out of Iowa.*


Mark took a few minutes out to answer the five Art of Fearlessly Doing Business Questions.


1.) Focus on What Fascinates You

When we focus on the things that fascinate us then we are not working, we are playing. Choose something that you are fascinated by and success will follow!

2.) Don’t Let the Day-to-Day Grind Get to You

Every day we have to continue to put our best foot forward.   Anyone in any kind of sales job knows that there are up days and there are not so up days. Every day we get up and we get to our desk. We decide what to focus on and we do the next right thing. If we let the daily ups and downs derail or discourage us we will never reach our end goals.

3.) Know the Role that Suits You Best

Some folks are great at managing people. Some folks are better at working with the end user face to face. It is good to know which type of worker you are. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a role that is not your best fit. When we stay stuck in the wrong role, we never reach our greatest potential and we fall short. Embrace your strength.

4.) Stay on Top of the Current Climate of Your Business

Every business is changing at light speed today. The media and technology, and the rules and regulations are always changing for all of us at the speed of light. We all have to stay on top of what is current in our industries so that our clients and us are not blind-sided by lack of knowledge.

5.) Don’t Quit till the Job Gets Done

Jason Aldean says it best:

“Don’t stop ‘till everything’s gone
Straight ahead, never turn around
Don’t back up, don’t back down
Full throttle, wide open
You get tired and you don’t show it
Dig a little deeper when you think you can’t dig no more
That is the only way I know.”

Tenacity is the only way to get things done today. We all have to drop our chin and lean into getting that job done every day!

Thank you so much Mark for taking the time out to be one of the Fearless 13! I look forward to seeing you again at the Art of Fearlessly Doing Business Art Opening on Dec 18th at the {9} Gallery from 6-9PM.

Note from the Artist:

The universal symbols of retirement are for me a hammock and a sunset. We work with financial professionals to prepare for major events in our lives. Getting married, buying a home, saving for college, retirement and long term care. We save for a time where we can relax into the sunset of our lives and be at peace. This image to me speaks to that time in our lives when we can just lay back and let our feet swing off the side of a hammock while we read a good book or just take a late day nap! I thought about the fact that I chose to focus on one person rather then a family after the fact…… I think that all of us need that time alone to be truly at peace. When we have all of our needs met and are surrounded by support – a few hours in a hammock at sunset reading a good book is just luscious. I recall feeling that way as a kid – just knowing that all that was right with the world made a book the much more mesmerizing.  The hands are representative of the striving it took to get to that point and they are muted because the striving is over. Now, there is just the enjoying of life. Also in the background in pencil (hard to see in a photo) are words like apple pie, hiccup, walking the dog, etc. all to the things that make up a full life.  

Some of you may know that I was a financial advisor with Edward Jones for several years before I made the decision to leave the industry (at least for now) and focus on building my Fearlessly Deliver, LLC business. I still hold Series 7 & 66 Licenses and down the road I may return in part to the industry if it makes sense.  Since I have been in the industry, I knew when I wrote Mark’s blog that I had to write it differently then I did the other Fearless 13 because Mark has compliance regulations and standards that he must adhere to. Being compliant is a very important part of being a financial professional, as it should be. I approached Mark’s illustration with as much sensitivity to the compliance standards he must adhere to in his industry as I did his blog. I stayed completely away from charged emotional symbols intentionally and the lessons we can learn from him stand alone. *


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